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Product Description

tlogTAG 465 are probe-less cryo temperature loggers specially designed to monitor low temperature conditions of perishable products such as pharmaceuticals, enzymes, tissue, organs, vaccines, biological, specimens, clinical trials and may other sensitive products handled in dry ice during storage and in-transit.

Compact design with robust casing has an advantage of placing it easily with products or hang-it in storage area to monitor actual condition. Bright LEDs for easy identification of alarm condition for the user.


  • High Accuracy & Reading Resolution
  • 16,000 reading capacity
  • Bright LED indication
  • Secure START & STOP buttons
  • One Touch PDF & Excel report
  • 6 Points Certificate of Validation | Calibration
  • Online Software for Global Installation
  • Complies with IATA PI970II - Safe for Air, Ground & Sea Transport