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TLog Data Loggers helps to monitor compliance with the prescribed conditions in warehouses, cooling areas & refrigerated transport so that the sensitive goods are stored & transported without damage throughout the logistics chain.

TLog Data Loggers are useful in following way in Logistics

  1. Monitor temperature, humidity, and shock for secure shipping
  2. Detect potential flaws in shipping and storing processes
  3. Ensure quality all the way to the destination with alerts
  4. Use alert templates to start new monitoring projects in seconds
  5. Access data effortlessly in the cloud service with any smart device

Our TLog Data Loggers can be used for following segments of Logistics

Delivery Companies

In deliveries, speed is often the key. Don't compromise quality for speed.


Secure shipping is vital for all products. The conditions need to be correct, and anyone tampering with a shipment is obviously unwanted.

Air Frieght

Active transmitters cannot be used in air freight, but temperature and shocks still need to be monitored.

Sea freight

Shipping by sea takes a long time - during which the products are subject to humid sea air, temperatures and potentially occasional shocks and tilts.

Heat Mapping

When improving logistics processes, a transporter should map what sort of conditions affect the shipments in different parts of the cargo hold